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Doula Services

Birth Doula Services include:

  • A free consultation to provide the opportunity to meet face to face.

  • Unlimited phone and email support during your pregnancy and immediate postpartum period.

  • Provide 2-3 prenatal visits to go over birthing options and preferences, as well as comfort measures.

  • Be on call 24/7 starting at 38 weeks until your baby is born.

  • Arrange for a backup doula to be on call in the rare event that I become unavailable.

  • ​Provide constant labour support from the time you call me to join you until your baby is born and you are settled in postpartum.

  • Provide basic birth photography of your labour, birth and first moments with your baby.

  • Provide basic breastfeeding support during the immediate postpartum.

  • Provide an optional postpartum visit to review your birth and answer any questions you may have.


Total investment:
Doula services only - $ 1000
Photography package - $1200

Placenta Encapsulation

Preparation methods:
         TraditionalMethod (recommended)

The placenta is gently steamed before being dehydrated, ground into powder and put in to capsules. This     method is based off the Traditional Chinese Medicine method.
         RAW Method 

 The placenta is dehydrated from it's raw state, ground into powder and put into capsules. People that follow a raw food diet may prefer this method. There is no research proving that it holds more nutritional value than the traditional method.

Tinctures: $25
A small piece of placenta is placed in a bottle with 150 proof grain alcohol. It can be kept for many years to be used for mentruation or in times of transition.

The safety of the mother and the encapsulation specialist is of utmost importance. As an APPA certified encapsulation specialist, I have been trained in the safe handling of all materials in the encapsulation process. I have also received OSHA blood borne pathogens training.

Fees include pickup in Red Deer. If within 25km of the city, a $25.00 travel fee will apply. If you would like to arrange pick-up/drop off, this fee is waived. Clients outside of this travel area will need to arrange transport themselves.


Total investment: $ 225 - $250 + Travel

Doula Sevices
Placenta Encapsulation
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